Why Dazao English?

  • Stable income

    High booking rate on average that guarantees a stable income

  • Flexible schedule

    Set your own schedule and fully enjoy a work&life balance

  • Supportive environment

    Various training courses and coaching to get you booked up even with no teaching experience

  • Fantastic platform

    Easy to use and equipped with helpful features, making online teaching convenient and efficient

Who are we?

Dazao English is one of the branches of Hangzhou Danyue Technology Co.,Ltd. leading online education company founded in 2018. Dazao English helps connect Native English-speaking teachers all around the world with thousands of Chinese students. We believe that a learning environment requires maximum exposure to target language and explicit output is critical to language acquisition. Therefore, Dazao courses mainly focus on improving students’ English-speaking skills using various listening and speaking exercises. Students' talking time can also be maximized through our high quality1-on-1 live English classes with native English speakers, as well as the interactive platform and engaging activities. It is our mission to provide millions of Chinese families an immersive English-learning environment and to Help students speak English with more confidence.

What does our teacher say:

  • Working at Dazao is such a delight! It’s such a diverse environment that any teacher can enjoy teaching. You have students of all ages & levels, which makes the job more exciting! I love jumping into my classes and meeting with my regular students who I have formed such special bonds with or teaching new students which is a great challenge for me. The platform is super helpful and very easy to use. It’s great because both the student & teacher can enjoy using the platform. The topics are very interesting which the students love and keeps the class entertaining for the students.

    Cassandra Stead

    Dazao Teacher

  • My name is Minette and I have been working with Dazao from the beginning of 2020. It is a delight to teach the students at Dazao! You can expect to see little ones as young as three, right through to young teenagers. The materials are simple, each lesson has helpful tips for teachers. Dazao has its own platform and virtual classrooms which are user-friendly. This allows you to focus on teaching and interacting with the student, rather than struggling with complex technology. If you have a love for children, and are patient and kind, you will find it a fulfilling experience to work with Dazao!

    Minette Prinsloo

    Dazao Teacher

  • Dazao is a great platform for experienced teachers as well as teachers starting off their teaching journey! The students are wonderful, we always have good laugh and fun educational lessons. The platform is easy to use and really convenient. The learning material is fantastic. I can always see improvements in the students from the beginning of the lesson to the end, whether they learnt new words, correct pronunciation or how to talk in full sentences. The NCs are amazing! They are so helpful and on the ball with anything that's happening. What an amazing teaching experience it has been working for Dazao!

    Dillon Dugard

    Dazao Teacher

  • Best job out there? I’m doing it! As a South African teacher, I was hesitant about an online job at first, keeping in mind that load shedding can happen at any second and wondering about the payment arrangements. Working for Dazao English feels like the best job out there. There are so many perks to working for Dazao I don’t even know where to start: The friendly and ALWAYS there on call operators, the incredibly bright and funny children, the user friendly platform, the opportunity to work from home, the flexible schedule and obviously the pay. Wondering if you should apply to work for Dazao? Yes, yes, yes!

    Xandri Daneel

    Dazao Teacher

  • Dazao English has been an amazing company to work for! I have also gained some knowledge through them about the Chinese culture. Dazao English has provided amazing materials I've been able to work from in order to provide successful lessons with my students. The platform is easy to work on and I have grown so comfortable with it and so quickly. Each and every student I have through Dazao English has been an incredible blessing to teach. Each and every day with my students has made me want to become an even better teacher. I really am grateful to be a part of the Dazao team!

    Aaliyah Mahomed

    Dazao Teacher

  • Working for Dazao is really easy and loads of fun. The students are great to teach and the teaching material is really easy to use. The best thing I love about Dazao is having a lot of free range with the material which is great. The Dazao team is super HELPFUL and friendly. I would recommend Dazao to anyone wanting to teach English online.

    Jake Antonakis

    Dazao Teacher


  • 1. What is Dazao English?

    -Dazao English is one of the leading online teaching companies in China which is focusing on one-on-one oral English class.

  • 2. What is the application process like?

    -Registering on our website > Submitting your application > application screening > Interview + Contract > Self-training + Orientation > Start teaching

  • 3. How long does it normally take before I can start teaching?

    -The whole process takes around one week.

  • 4. What are the basic requirements?

    -Native English speaker who is at least 18 years old with neutral accent.

    -Desktop computer/laptop(Windows 7 /OSX 10.12 /4GB RAM or above) and smart-phone access

    -Stable Internet Connection with minimum 5Mbps upload speed (Wire DSL preferred)

  • 5. What are the working days and hours?

    -Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 23:00 Beijing time.

    -Peak hours: 17:00-21:30 on weekdays, whole day on weekends.

    -Teacher needs to offer a minimum of 10 hours per week within the peak hours.

  • 6. What is the class type?

    -25min and one-on-one class

  • 7. How old are the students?

    -3-12 years old

  • 8. What teaching platform do you use?

    -We have our own Dazao teaching platform, which is designed to help teachers and students better enjoying the online learning journey.

  • 9. What is the expected payment for teachers?

    -Teachers could earn up to $1000 every month, which is based on the number of hours a teacher could provide. Aside from teaching, we also provide other opportunities for teachers to earn more money, such as content editing, picture naming, teacher partners, referral program, etc.

  • 10. When and how do teachers get paid?

    -Payments are issued between the 10th to 15th of each month.

    -To ensure payment security, teachers are paid only via direct bank deposit.

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